Postdoc position in deep mutational scanning


Postdoctoral position in deep mutational scanning


The lab of Ingemar André is looking for a talented postdoctoral researcher in biochemistry and molecular biology. The candidate is expected to develop a high-throughput experimental method to study the effect of codon usage on protein expression and folding of proteins using DNA libraries, Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The candidate will work with a computational postdoc to develop methods to analyze the high-throughput data generated in this project.


The André lab is a joint experimental and computational group that develop methods for protein design and structure prediction, probabilistic modeling, as well as high-throughput experimental characterization of the biophysical properties of proteins. For more information about the research in the group, visit




The lab is located at the chemical center at Lund University, Sweden, at the center for molecular protein science (


Job description:


The codons used to encode an amino acid sequence has significant impact on the expression and folding of a protein. Strategically placed rare codons can impact the co-translational folding of proteins, resulting in efficient folding. In this project the candidate will use a high-throughput assay for protein folding and expression, using deep mutational scanning, FACS sorting and NGS to generate data that correlate protein structure, folding and codon usage.  




The candidate should hold a PhD or equivalent degree in a relevant field such as biochemistry or molecular biology.  The candidate should be self-motivated and independent and be collaborative and interested in contributing to the common good of the lab. Good skills in oral and written English are required.


The candidate must have a strong background in molecular biology and DNA work.  Previous experience with flow cytometry or FACS is beneficial. An interest in automation of experimental work using robotic setups is also beneficial. We also welcome candidates with an interest and background in protein evolution.


How to apply:


Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV and a brief statement of your interest.



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We combine computational and experimental methods to understand the structure, interactions and evolution of proteins.
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