Who are we?

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Principal Investigator

Ingemar André

ingemar.andre  - at -

Research team

Camille Garcia
Camille GarciaPhD studentcamille.garcia - at -
Filip Persson
Filip PerssonPostdoctoral scholarfilip.persson -at -
Seyed Morteza Najibi
Seyed Morteza NajibiResearch fellow morteza.najibi -at -
Mads Jeppesen
Mads JeppesenPhD studentmads.jeppesen - at -
Daniel Varela
Daniel VarelaPostdoctoral Scholardaniel.varela -at-
Teun Hoevenaars
Teun HoevenaarsPostdoctoral Scholarteun.hoevenaars -at-
Niels E. J. Meijer
Niels E. J. MeijerMaster studentni5780me-s -at-
Signe Christensen
Signe Christensen Postdoctoral scholarsigne.christensen -at-
Wojciech Potrzebowski
Wojciech PotrzebowskiGuest researcher from the data analysis & modeling group at european spallation source (ESS) wojtek.potrzebowski -at-
Caroline Olsson
Caroline OlssonResearchercaroline.olsson-at-


Ryan Olivier (postdoctoral scholar)

Fabio Dias Correia de Oliviera (researcher)

Tao Zhang (postdoctoral scholar)

Christoffer Norn (PhD student)

Robert Lizatovic (PhD Student)

Sebastian Rämisch (PhD Student)

Marie Möller (postdoctoral scholar)

Sabine Kaltofen (postdoctoral scholar)



We combine computational and experimental methods to understand the structure, interactions and evolution of proteins.
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